Tuesday, 13 September 2016

09:00 Entrance / welcome coffee
10:00 Welcoming address and introduction of the topics by
Federal Foreign Office (P. Flor / AA Germany)
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety(W. Cloosters / BMUB Germany)
Federal Office for Radiation Protection (T. Jung / BfS Germany)
10:30 Session 1: Setting the Scene
Nuclear Security Gift Basket – Enhancing Radiological Security
S. Roecker / NSC USA
The French Support for the Code of Conduct
G. Dandrieux / MEEM France
Nuclear Security in Germany
W. Voß / BMUB Germany
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Session 2: International Framework
DOE/NNSA’s lessons learned implementing security enhancements consistent with the Code of Conduct over the last decade
A. Atkins / NNSA USA
Efforts implementing security provisions of the Code of Conduct
M. Khaliq / NSNS IAEA
Implementing the Code of Conduct worldwide: Progress and Challenges
F. Morris / PNNL USA
EUSECTRA: Strengthening Nuclear Security through professional development and training
K. Lützenkirchen / ITU European Commission
13:00 Lunch break / buffet
14:00 Session 3: Regulatory Control and Responsibilities
French policies and concepts for implementing security provision of the Code of Conduct
G. Belot / ASN France
German Regulations on Security of Sources
R. Stegemann / BMUB Germany
National implementation of security provisions of the Code of Conduct – gaps and challenges
Z. Delalic / SSM Sweden
Canadian approach in implementing the security provisions of the Code of Conduct
T. Hayes / CSNC Canada
Implementation of security provisions of the Code in Norwegian regulations and practice – gaps and challenges
S. Øvergaard / NRPA Norway
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Session 4: Security culture, benchmarking and reporting
The Benefits of a well Fostered Security Culture
C. Speicher / UM BW Germany
ISSPA’s view and responsibility for security of radioactive sources – an industry perspective
W. Fasten / ISSPA
Benchmarking and voluntary reporting of achievements in security of radioactive sources
P. Legoux / WINS
Radiological Security Progress – updated steps for implementing the recommendations
I. Iliopulos/ NTI USA
17:00 Plenary discussion
17:45 Setting up of Working Groups
18:00 Welcome reception

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

08:30 Entrance / coffee and morning chat
09:00 Topical Statements for Working Group Discussions
Register of high activity sealed sources in Germany
R. Dollan / BfS Germany
Export control for radioactive sources – security aspects
T. Hayes / CSNC Canada
Detection and tracking of sources
J.-F. Moreau / Nuc21 France
Regaining control over orphan sources in Germany
B. Lange / BfS Germany
French strategy of disused HASS management including securing and repatriation of sources
B. Sevestre / CEA France
Security in Transport – Is the IAEA Code of Conduct on the Safety & Security of Radioactive Sources Effective?
J. Duffy / EPA Ireland (presented by U. Häusler / BfS Germany)
10:00 Preparation of Working Group Sessions
WG 1   Security Culture and Reporting
Chair: T. Jung / BfS Germany – Rapporteur: E. Kröger / BfS Germany
WG 2   Regulatory Control
Chair: F. Morris / PNNL USA 
- Rapporteur: S. Vleugels / FANC Belgium
WG 3   Transport and Mobile Use
Chair: T. Peters / IRPA – Rapporteur: M. Ganz / BAFA Germany
WG 4   Management of Disused Sources
Chair: B. Sevestre / CEA France (TBC) – Rapporteur: U. Häusler / BfS Germany
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Working Group Sessions 1-4
12:30 Lunch break / buffet
13:30 Working Group Sessions 1-4
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Working Group Sessions 1-4
17:00 End of Working Group Sessions
18:00 Visit of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany – “Reichstag Dome” (limited attendance)

Thursday, 15 September 2016

09:00 Entrance / coffee and morning chat
10:00 Report of Working Group 1 and discussion
10:30 Report of Working Group 2 and discussion
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Report of Working Group 3 and discussion
12:00 Report of Working Group 4 and discussion
12:20 Plenary discussion and summary
13:00 Lunch break / Buffet
14:00 Plenary discussion and conclusions
16:00 Closing and Farewell
17:00 Visit of the German Chancellery (limited attendance)


Proposals for subject areas in the breakout sessions
In order to allow all participants to prepare for the discussion, a document with identified important topics, that is supposed to provide for questions, statements and directions discussion, can be downloaded here


Download the flyer of the International Workshop on the Security of Sealed Radioactive Sources here